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Seven Free Ways to Get Google Ads Keyword Planner for Your Blogger Articles

Seven Free Ways to Get Google Ads Keyword Planner for Your Blogger Articles

Seven Free Ways to Get keyword planner google ads for Your Blogger Articles

Before you start writing an article or blog, you should look for the keywords people are typing into search engines to get to that article.

And although there are many paid tools and sites that provide this information in detail, many new bloggers do not have enough money to participate in these programs, so I wanted to share with you these free ways to get keywords.

  • Keywords used by competing sites:

  1. Without a doubt, if you want to write a blog post on a topic and you don't know what keywords you are using, search for sites on the first page in search results and copy the keywords these sites use, and include them in the area, this method is very effective in any field if If you want to succeed, imitate the successful.
  2. There are many free websites and tools to find keywords for any page or article on the internet, just enter Google and search (keyword density checker free), but if you want suggestions, here is this site (keyword density checker). You must enter the page link where you want to know the keywords used, and then click Verify.

It will give you a list of keywords and their density i.e. the number of words in every hundred words, you will find three tables first for one-word keywords, second for two-word keywords and finally, for three-word keywords, you will only get the first results from each table.

  • List of automatic suggestions for search engines:

When you type a phrase into the search box, the search engine will automatically display a list of suggested search terms, make a screenshot and use those terms as keywords in your article or use them as ideas for new articles.

  • Similar searches at the bottom of the search page:

It's the part at the bottom of the search page where you find similar search terms or related searches. You can include these terms either as a title or within the article.

It is not recommended to use all of these terms in one article, but to use some in the article and some in the search description, so you have to target multiple searches in one article.

  • Use synonyms for keywords:

When you write an article about a specific thing, you may forget that this thing has many names in different regions around the world, and let's take the Arab world for example, and let's say you write about the problems of the refrigerator with the freezer, which is the Arabic and official word, but you may find it in different regions, where You search for it differently, someone might write it "Fraser" and another might write it in French "congélateur", and a large audience might miss you because of a word, so try to include some famous synonyms even once in the post.

  • Find common problems and their solutions:

  • Often people enter search engines in search of certain problems that they fall into, for example, if the field of your blog is household appliances and you are going to write an article about a household refrigerator, look for problems and malfunctions of refrigerators, for example (the problem of ice accumulation in the freezer - the reasons for freezing foods Inside the refrigerator - the problem of poor cooling of the refrigerator ....).
  • And if you customize your blog about cars, look for common car problems, for example (oil stains under the engine - noise while turning the steering wheel - white smoke in the exhaust ....).
  • This is just a sample and like that across the board, so you don't just get keyword ideas, you get ideas for new articles.

  • Use of some free websites and software:

There are many sites that in their free versions allow you to get keyword ideas, just type in the search box (Free Keyword Tool) and you will see many results, but I will save you the effort by suggesting these two sites:

  1. The Google Ads Keyword Tool is one of the best free tools for getting keywords as well as giving you the search volume for each word with the ability to select the language and country.
  2. sm-SEO provides a keyword research tool (best keyword research tool). Simply enter one keyword with a choice of country and language, and it will give you a set of keywords with search volume. The same site also provides a long-tail keyword research tool, i.e. it consists of several vocabularies (indicating long-tail keywords)
  3. Ubbersuggest: It provides in its free version a tool for keyword ideas, all you have to do is enter the search word with language and country and it will give you a list of keywords with monthly search volume.

Using the Bing Webmaster Tool:

Bing Webmaster Tools provides many free tools that many overlook, including the keyword explorer, from the side menu click on SEO and then on Keyword Research, enter the keyword in the search box then choose the country and language and it will give you a list of keywords related to the search volume.

We hope that the information in this article was useful, if you have any questions, leave them in the comments.

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