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How can I start making free money in 2022?

How can I start making free money in 2022?

How can I start making free money in 2022

If you looking for ways to make plutocrat online this time? 

  • To be honest with you, there is a plenitude of ways to make plutocrats online without any original capital investment but none of them are “ free”. 

  • All the styles I'm about to introduce bear a lot of time and trouble before you can start making a steady income. So if you are looking for" get rich quick" schemes, you can skip this response. 

  • But before you continue reading, I'll give you my word that everything then's honest and that all the styles I'll mention are 100 Legal and they work for everyone. Also, I will not mention any chapter links. This response is 100 real and is for the sole purpose of helping people. 

  • Without important ado, then are some of the stylish ways I have tried to make plutocrat online. These styles have been around for a long time but now, in 2022, as further people are working from home, these styles are no more important than their moment.

1. Simple Online Surveys/tasks

Probably the easiest way to earn your first dollar online.

It does not require any experience, skill, website, or investments of any kind.

All you have to do is complete a set of simple tasks like liking and sharing posts, answering simple questions, or installing apps and extensions.

Picoworkers is one of the best websites for this. Although the pay is very low, it is one of the sites that pay you to complete the tasks assigned to you. You can find payment proofs from people all over the internet.

Another site I can recommend is Microworkers. Like Picoworkers, it also pays you for doing simple online tasks. However, unlike Picoworkers, it requires you to provide a photo ID. So it may not be for underage people.

2. Online teaching function

Teaching jobs are one of the best online jobs for young teens.

If you know a thing or two about English, science, math, or any other basic subject, you can find a teaching job that pays much better than survey sites - and you can still work from home on your own schedule.

You no longer have to meet strangers at the library or coffee shops to teach. You can communicate with your customers via email or even on social media through this remote function.

Some of the best sites for this purpose are Tutorme and Cambly. Or you can reach out to your friends and community on social media to see if you can offer private lessons. Private tutoring jobs usually make more money!

3. Writing Articles Online

Many sites offer plenty of freelance writer jobs for young adults, including high school students. For example, HubPages is a great site that accepts teens (with parental consent).

This is one of the best ways for young people to build hands-on experience in freelance writing in the real world.

There are also other sites, like Fiverr, that you can join if you are 13 or older. Fiverr is an online job marketplace where you can do jobs (referred to as gigs) for around $5. Gigs can be anything you're good at writing, translation, animation, video, programming, graphic design, and even voiceover work.

Freelancer dot com, which you can join if you are 16 or over, is another site to try if you want to make money freelance writing as an older teen. It is similar to Fiverr, but you may earn a bit more.

4. Affiliate Marketing

For people who are not familiar with this term, it may seem like a job for people with more experience in the industry.

But this is not the case.

Affiliate marketing is probably the simplest way to make money online.

With affiliate marketing, all you have to do is get people to buy someone else's product. When you succeed, you will earn a percentage of the product price (AKA, commission).

To get products to promote, you can visit sites like Clickbank, Warriorplus, or CJ Affiliate. All you have to do is find a product in your expertise, get affiliate links, and promote it (either through social media, blogs, forums, emails, or even YouTube)

5. Transcribe!

If you are good at using a keyboard, consider getting a job as an online transcriber.

You can start working on the transcript, transcribe, or Rev dot com. With this said, you don't need any work experience or transcription knowledge. All information on these sites will be provided to you so that you can start working even if you are a teenager.


With all these job opportunities available to you, don't give yourself any silly excuse not to start a business and earn your first real money online. You don't need any work experience or any money to start working in these jobs. If you are serious and consistent, you will reap results later. So please, don't miss this opportunity and give yourself no regrets later. Start now and earn!