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 What is Google Adsense?

What is Google Adsense

(Google AdSense) is an advertising service provided by Google through which ads are displayed on different websites according to the content that the user searches for through the search engine so that the owners of those websites receive a financial return that represents part of the profits that Google receives in exchange for publishing These advertisements, and it is worth noting that site owners can insert advertisements on their sites by pasting code written in JavaScript?

How does Google Adsense work?

  • When a user searches for any topic through Google, a list of multiple search results appears across the search results screen. Google Adsense is a group of ads that are similar to a user's search topic.
  • Google AdSense is not limited to displaying ads on those sites of Google itself; It allows other sites to combine their ads with Google ads so that those ads appear anywhere across the global Internet, and ads that appear on websites using Google Adsense are reviewed by several filters for these ads; This is to prevent inappropriate content or text from appearing through these ads and to ensure that they comply with ethical, professional and editorial standards.

How to create an account in Google Adsense?

Conditions for creating a Google Adsense account?

Google AdSense allows online content publishers to monetize by placing ads on their websites; For owners of various products and services to get paid for promoting their products online, and to start using Google Adsense, it is necessary to create an account through this service offered by Google, but creating an account requires two prerequisites:

  • Google Account (Google Account), which is the normal Google account used to access other Google services; Like Gmail.
  • Having a website for the user to post ads on.

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What are the correct steps to create a Google Adsense account?

Here are the correct steps to create a new Google Adsense account:

  • Go through one of the Internet browsers to the web page through which a new Google Adsense account can be created, and this page can be accessed by clicking on the following link: Click here.
  • Click on the Sign up now button.
  • Enter the website URL to use for adding ads.
  • Enter the user's email address.

  • Determine if the user wants Google AdSense assistance with ads to be sent through their site.
  • Click on Save and Continue option.
  • Log in to the user's Google account.
  • Choose the country and territory in which the user is located.
  • Click on the Create an account option.

What are the types of Google Adsense ads?

Google Adsense provides a range of content types that can be published through its ads, and these types are as follows:

  1. Text: Only text ads can be shown; Text color, size, and display can be customized across the site.
  2. ImagesGoogle Adsense allows you to display graphic ads containing resizable images, and it should be noted that ads containing a mixture of text and images can be displayed together.
  3. Multimedia: Ads containing a variety of video, Flash, and HTML files can be displayed.
  4. Video and animationGoogle Adsense ads can appear in the form of video or animation.
  5. Google Adsense search: Google Adsense can be used to embed a Google search box within a user's website, so that when the user performs a search within the Google search box on the site; it Displays the search results page by Google Adsense that displays ads consistent with the content of the site.

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What are the advantages of Google Adsense?

There are many advantages that Google Adsense has, including the following:

  • Ease of use: Using Google Adsense does not require any deep knowledge of complex technical processes, as it can be learned how to use it in a few minutes.

  • The ability to manage ads: One of the advantages of Google Adsense is that it is easy to manage ads for an advertiser across many different sites, and the process of managing ads through Google Adsense is easy and does not require much time, and can be accomplished by anyone.

  • Appropriate selection of ads:  Google Adsense shows the user-targeted, targeted, and relevant ads.

  • Ease of Registration: The Google Adsense registration process is easy for all users.

  • Multiple Advertising OptionsGoogle Adsense provides a variety of advertising options that can be customized to suit the style and appearance of the site.
  • Use it across multiple platformsGoogle Adsense can be used to display ads on multiple platforms; Like YouTube, it is also possible through this service to display ads on mobile devices.